Delivery, Assembly and Removals


Our rates are competitive and we endeavour to give you an honest price. We can custom build our services around a budget with your objectives at the heart. ‘You are the driver’ and we are here to get you there the most cost effective way because we understand the value of a budget!

"A penny saved, is a penny earned." Benjamin Franklin

Our "rough" pricing table

This table gives a rough idea of how we price each removals job. This should hopefully give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to getting a quote. Our rates are based on volume of items, distance between properties and whether any additional services are required such as packing of goods and dismantling / assembly.

Eveyones home is different, therefore the contents of each home varies. We measure volume in cubic feet and are able to calculate just how big our vehicle needs to be to meet your needs. A 5 bedroom house for example with minimalistic decore may have the same cubic volume as a 3 bedroom house. We would therefore quote accordingly and provide the correct sized vehicle for the move.

Cubic Feet Price (£)
1 Bedroom 300-500 265-440
2 Bedroom 500-750 440-660
3 Bedroom 750-1000 660-880
4 Bedroom 1000-1500 880-1320
5 Bedroom 1500-2000 1320-1680

We calculate distance as the amount of miles we drive between each property and charge accordingly. To make sure the price is fair and realistic we give a set rate for each mile or a combination of mileage and time. Working in and around London sometimes it can take 1 hour to travel 1 mile, even when we take the back roads! For this reason we take time per hour into account aswell as mileage.

Distance £25 per hour + 50p per mile Or
£1 per mile

Below is a table which shows the extra services we provide. The figures are based upon an average 3 bedroom house in which 3 bedsteads and a table need to be dismantled and then assembled at the new property.

Price (£)
Dismantling / assembly 125
Packing materials 90
Packing Service (including materials) 250
(Based on an Average 3 Bedroom House with 3 x bedsteads + 1 x table to dismantle and assemble)

Please fill out our "quick quote form" to get a personalised ball park figure for your move

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