Delivery, Assembly and Removals

Self survey

When it comes to the big move it is always a good idea to know what it is you are taking with you. This is a great opportunity to leave behind the unwanted and assess what you own. Below is a link to our self survey, which you can use as a personal itinerary or as a means for us to give you a realistic quote for your move.

Follow the steps and fill the form out to the best of your knowledge and we are positive we can give you the right price for the job.

Click this link to download our Self-Survey form.

Small Moves
You don't have a lot of items to move! No problem we specialise in jobs both large and small.

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House Moves
House up for sale or you're thinking of moving, we can provide you with a tailor made moving service; the J & J way.

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Flat Moves
Stairs can be logistical nightmares... well not for us. Stairs... what stairs! We provide the solutions.

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